I grew up in a religious society.
Damn religious you are told which church to go to  and which ones’ not to attend for they believe God has favored the churches our parents grew up in.
So religious you are told what clothes to wear that society approves and what not to wear.
Religious to a point you are told the way and manner in which you are to praise and worship God.
Yet so religious you’re told the type of hairstyle to put on for your confirmation day.
Growing up and having to dig deeper into the word of God opened my eyes.
God hates religion.
It has nothing to do with what you put on nor which church you go to,
But has everything to do with how you guard your heart
And your relationship with God.


So, even before I could have gone I had doubts about you. My instincts were shouting “let it be, dont go!” but my way stubborn ass was like; “girl, just go and get it over and done with”. Like i said, I was in desperate mode of getting my hair done.

So fourth, you are the girl i never heard of and only coming in the picture right now. (not like am attained to know every hair dresser, duh! ). I really didnt mind. well, I ddnt trust you either, I trusted a friend that referred me to you.

I sat there for hours expecting you to get it done. But no, later did I notice you started undappling coz you couldn’t get the first one right.
“Oh Myy Word!! Can’t you just get it done already? am in pain, real pain! (calling out mighty Jesus).
The pain I never experienced when doing the same thing because all you seem to be doing was like sewing through my scalp bit by bit!”. I thought to myself as every devout of my skin started hauling as if it were a wolf’s night.

Dear fellow “same experience”, you know what am talking about.

I felt like stopping you, really I did. But I wanted to protect the both of us from my inner ego coming out. Because the moment I’d have let it out, I was sure that would have been the end. Jerusalem it’s self would have heard the pit of it.

I know you did your best, your uncalmly alluding best. But a little advice your friend could have told me is that you’re new so i wouldn’t have expectations of you. But no, it was more like you brush my back and i brush yours. Because either ways, I was investing my money into that.

And right now, it’s 3:52 am and I keep rolling on my bed from left to right over and over and over. I tried to lay my head down on my cushion pillow but the ache on my scalp did not atest to that. So, I’ve decided to keep busy and wrote you this.

-the girl in pain


The first time I met you
was like an anesthesia 
in my blood stream.
Counting the following dates
I noticed my caress for you.
I then noticed the
uniqueness in you.

As I relentlessly
weaver with you,
My body long desires for you.
I am within the raptures of:
Love fades every secret.
And because of that rapture,
destroyed all I’ve longed for with you.

It is my darkest secret
that turned your love for me
into ash. Well, I believe so.
How do you explain less of your
calls and the identity of less
interest in your texts?

You refused to admit
it to my face.
Because you so caring and pure.
You would do no such
as your mind is filled
with me upon self harm.

It’s been a week
I haven’t heard from you.
But, I am okay.
Well, I believe I am.
I been fighting it long,
And I’ll keep fighting it.
And when I’m tired,
Neither will you notice.

Oh! how my deepest secret
turned my mind and flesh
Into an obsession.
An obsession as a mule
figuring out its shrewdness.
My obsession for you made
me realize I’d fallen for you.
A thought and feeling
I never confessed to you.

I dreamt of you being
My soul mate.
Well, I still have hope.
But if that does not avail,
It was nice meeting you.

-Reginalda Nelumbu


Good day people 🙂

Welcome to my very first blog post. I have decided to share some Godly words and just give my views regarding the bible verse I have come across.

“As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you, in Jerusalem you shall find your comfort” in Isaiah 66:13

Well, as we all know a mother is everything in her child’s life. A mother provides, a mother seek, a mother approves and disapproves,a mother forgives, a mother comforts. So does God! And in the kingdom of heaven, you will find your peace, the angels and him christ will be your comforters for whatever unpleasant experience you’ve endured in your past life. Let me just say you won’t even think of your past because halllooow hallelujah it’s heaven as we speak!!!.

Firstly, God provides us with the impossible measures, he makes all things possible. Secondly, God seeks for your time, for a place in your heart. We spoke with a few friends sometime ago that God allows you to go through certain seasons in your life so you finally go on your knees to call out his name, he does this so you’ll have to experience Gods love and know that he is the God of all things possible.

Thirdly, he blesses you with what you asks for but not everything you seek for as he is a God that disapproves reasons only known by him. Like they say ‘everything happens for a reason`. Might ask your self: but this was going to benefit me, what could possibly be the reason of me not getting it?. Mind you, what ever you conquer in life does not only benefit you but the people around you as well and what ever does not benefit your way does not only affect you but the people around you as well.

I started taking every single day as the beggining of a new and different life for me, a whole beginning, starting a whole new chapter of my life because, well they say: when you pray every single day and asks for forgiveness, God erases everything and starts with a whole new blank page, and that is him giving you another chance, another life.

I remember speaking to a friend some time ago and my response to her question was that I mostly spend my time thinking about what happens in the past and regretting the mistakes I did and think of how I can mybe improve on that and she was like: “so you basically live your life based in the past? ” and the selfless me was like; “kind of”. After thinking about my conversation with her later on, I then realize that something doesn’t add up coz surely I lived my life based on people and not what God is willing to offer me. From then I was like halloooow it’s a new day! And it’s a new chapter for me, why am I stressing about all these past scenarios that happened.

Ooow, And lastly God comforts. When you feel lost and you seek him, you tend to have this overwhelming feeling. I know most of you’ll know what am talking about :). He fills you with the Holly spirit to guide you, to protect you and that goes as well with the word in the Bible, it comforts and guides you by telling you what is expected of yourself. Just as you confide in your friend and they advice you on what to do. So, Speak to God no matter how small the situation may seem coz he’s forever listening.

I remember once a friend asking me: who do you first confide in, who do you first open up about your issues, is it God, or someone else?. And with that, I’d say it all depends on what works for you.💫

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